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CDS Dry Cargo 110

110 m

11.45 m

3550 t

TEU 5 layers

Concordia Damen’s CDS Dry Cargo 110 inland waterway bulk vessel empowers skippers to navigate for extended durations in shallow water levels.

These vessels transport increased tonnage and achieve higher speeds with reduced fuel consumption (partly due to minimal resistance), compared to similar vessels. This is often a decisive factor, as acknowledged by our clients when opting for a CDS Dry Cargo 110 bulk carrier.

You will smoothly navigate under bridges with a clearance of only 4.30m, coupled with a draft of 2.50m, due to the advantageous air draught of this in-house design. All in all, the optimized hull shape and compact footprint of the CDS Dry Cargo 110 make it the ideal choice for shipowners seeking emission reduction.