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River Cruise

Ensuring memorable holidays


As a successful River Cruise operator, you do everything to offer your guests a lovely, memorable holiday.

At Concordia Damen, we understand that ship owners and tour operators have to balance many requirements to make that happen. River cruise companies not only create a relaxing environment, but also have to overcome several challenges.

Addressing these challenges requires a proactive approach from River Cruise operators, including investing in infrastructure, adopting sustainable practices, diversifying offerings, and staying attuned to market trends and regulatory developments.

Sailing with fit-for-purpose vessels is key: a fleet fit for the future, new technology, customer demands and crew comfort.

Safety, reliability and sustainability are three of the most important topics,
but there is more:

Regulatory compliance: Adhering to stringent regulations and environmental standards set by local authorities and governing bodies can be challenging for cruise operators.

Environmental concerns: Increasing focus on sustainability, while remaining profitable. Cruise operators should reduce their carbon footprint, minimize waste, and adopt eco-friendly practices.

Shallow waters: Fluctuations in water levels due to seasonal changes, especially during dry periods, can impact cruise schedules and destinations.

Recruitment: It can be hard to attract new, professional crew and keep experienced crew on board.

Competition: The market in the most popular river cruise regions is highly competitive and puts pressure on profit margins for individual operators.

Recognize those challenges? Let’s talk about solutions!

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Whether you want to address shallow water sailing, easy maintenance, reduced fuel consumption,
compliance, or zero-emission shipping
, Concordia Damen is capable and willing to provide you with advice, support and, of course, a state-of-the-art river cruise vessel.

Green Award Gold Standard

Our latest design, the CDS River Cruise 135 is awarded the Green Award Gold Standard. It includes hybrid propulsion for reduced fuel consumption and less emissions, high insulation, laser-controlled ventilation. On top of that, we have used environmentally friendly materials for the outfitting.

This cruise ship also incorporates the award-winning IoT solution Triton. This is a centralized IoT platform aimed both at reducing fuel consumption and maximizing uptime. By connecting fleet managers and crew with the vessels’ system data, it becomes practical and understandable. Vessel performance becomes data-driven and remote monitoring and predictive maintenance become integrated in your daily processes.

Propulsion options

Depending on your view on the future and your (technical) desires, you can choose from a variety of propulsion systems, such as full-electric, diesel-electric, hydrogen-electric, methanol, and more.

We can also install one system now and prepare your ship for other systems that you might want to switch to in the future.


Discover why cruise operators, owners and investors trust our proven designs and way of working. Have a look here or get in touch with our specialists.

Want to see it for yourself? Visit us at the yard and get a guided tour on one of our river cruises in stock.

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