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CDS Dry Cargo 443

135 m

14.20 m


TEU 5 layers

More shipowners demand sustainable shipping practices and experience the need for increased operational efficiency. The CDS Dry Cargo 443 is the answer to both challenges.

The hull design has been optimized to achieve remarkable fuel efficiency, providing up to 20% in fuel savings. This not only results in reduced emissions, but also enhances overall profitability.

The CDS Dry Cargo 443, excels in transporting higher tonnage with significantly lower fuel consumption compared to similar vessels. The cargo hold accommodates 18 container lengths, surpassing the standard of 17 containers .

Embracing forward-thinking design principles, the CDS Dry Cargo 443 easily adapts to upcoming propulsion and fuel technologies, including full-electric or hydrogen-electric propulsion.

Several of our customers have openly and repeatedly expressed appreciation for the innovative vessel, emphasizing that the blend of expanded cargo capacity and 20% reduction in fuel consumption was a main reason for choosing the CDS Dry Cargo 443 as a strategic addition to their fleets.

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