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CDS Dry Cargo 532

135 m

17.20 m


TEU 5 layers

The ‘CDS Dry Cargo 532’ stands as a pinnacle of inland waterway container and dry bulk vessels. Why? Because we saw the demand from shipowners committed to sustainable shipping practices.

Building upon the success of an already proven design, our engineers – often former captains or crew themselves – refined the hull, increasing its efficiency. The CDS Dry Cargo 532 is the optimal choice for navigating the inland waterways of the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, and Austria.

Drawing inspiration from the successful CDS Dry Cargo 443, the CDS Dry Cargo 532 inherits an optimized hull shape that guarantees significant fuel efficiency.

Bottom line: this 135-meter ship not only offers reduced emissions, but also amplifies overall profitability for smart shipowners. Beyond its low water resistance, the ship is designed for adaptability to future fuel technologies.