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Arrival of river cruise ship A-ROSA in Rotterdam

On May 11th, the hull of the river cruise ship destined for A-ROSA arrived in the Netherlands. The ship was transported on the heavy lift vessel ‘Yacht Express’ and was unloaded in Rotterdam after an 18-day journey. On the same day, the ship was transported to the finishing location at Damen Shipyards in Gorinchem, where Concordia Damen will carry out the finishing touches.

The finishing of the ship, with dimensions of 135 x 17.7 meters, started immediately upon its arrival at the Gorinchem shipyard. The ship features various cabins, ranging from double cabins to family cabins, with most cabins having their own balconies.

In addition to the luxurious cabins, the ship will also be equipped with several restaurants & bars, a wellness area, a children’s play lounge, and two swimming pools, one of which is specifically for children. The ship will also be equipped with a hybrid propulsion system supplemented by a battery pack, allowing it to navigate in and out of ports emission-free.

The delivery of the ship is scheduled for the spring of 2022, at the beginning of the new cruise season.