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Concordia Damen tenders for training ship STC!

Concordia Damen has entered the tender for the new training vessel AB INITIO by the STC Group. Astrid Kee, member of the Executive Board of the STC Group, stated, “We are naturally very pleased with this. It is an honour that this renowned shipyard is so enthusiastically participating in building a future-proof and state-of-the-art training vessel. This project is a wonderful example of collaboration between education and the sector. Over the coming months, we will study the proposals from the shipyards. We expect to announce in February 2020 which shipyard will be tasked with building this flagship for the school and the maritime cluster.”

Tim van Berchum, Concordia Damen: “Concordia Damen sees the construction of AB INITIO as a fantastic tool to support education in the inland shipping sector. The STC is seeking a sustainable, innovative, and multifunctional training vessel. Together, we will develop and build it as an investment in education, the sector, and the future.”

After over 50 years of faithful service, including approximately 18 years as training vessels for the STC Group, the current training ships Princess Christina and Princess Beatrix are due for replacement. In late 2018, students, teachers, and staff from the STC began working on naming the new vessel, determining the specifications, and designing the replacement ships. They were supported by specialists from the industry.

The first ship, AB INITIO, is scheduled to be put into service in 2021. The vessel will play a significant role in the education of vocational students, as well as students pursuing maritime education at the STC Group.