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Launching of the first hull for Amer Shipping

Last week, the first CDS Dry Cargo 110 hull for Amer Shipping was launched and we’re working hard to deliver her later this year. She’s the first of two in-house developed ships, measuring 110 x 11.45 meters, that can transport a lot of tonnage at a low draft, which is especially beneficial in (very) low water levels, something that is predicted to occur more and more in the coming years.

At the time of the contract, Peter Buijks, co-owner of Amer Shipping, said, amongst others: “We have been working on making our daily operations more sustainable for some time now. … These ships fit in well with that goal.” And: “The CDS Dry Cargo 110 transports no less than 200 tons more cargo compared to an existing ‘110’ in our fleet. At the same time, fuel consumption and emissions are reduced due to the low resistance.”

The combination of all these factors means vessels of the CDS Dry Cargo 110  type can sail in a more sustainable way.