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CDS River Pusher 2010

19.95 x 9.95 m

2x 701 kW

2.5 m


This workhorse – with accommodation for five crew – is especially suited for transporting project cargo via the inland waterways.

Several European customers have expanded their fleets with the CDS River Pusher 2010, deploying it amongst others for the transport of passenger vessels, super yachts and port- and refinery-related cargoes.

The bridge-house is able to be elevated up to 16 metres, where comparable pushers only go up to 10 metres as a standard. This is obligatory when transporting large and high cargo types, as special cargo transport requires extremely good visibility from the bridge.

Measuring almost 20m x 10m, the draught of the CDS River Pusher 2010 is only 1.8 metres. Most clients opt for two engines with a total power output of 2,000 horsepower, but other configurations are possible as well.

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