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CDS Tanker 110

110 m

11.45 m

2875 t
Max tonnage

3040 m3

From the introduction of the CDS Tanker 110 until today, small shipowners as wel as large Oil & Gas companies are adding these inland waterway tankers to their fleet.

Looking for efficiency? With a carrying capacity of for example 2,875 tonnes at 3.25 metres, this new generation mineral tanker offers more cargo space than comparable tankers of the same size.

The optimised hull structure causes a low resistance and an optimal ‘speed-power curve’. It could sail 22+ km per hour with 2 x 500 kW engines. Proven technology to benefit your business!

The researched design makes your transport per ton more environmentally friendly. Another advantage: this design allows for smaller propellers; very useful when rivers are low.

For clients wanting to experience the vessel in full, trial runs are an option. Availability often plays an important role in purchasing a new tanker. That’s why we build CDS Tanker 110 hulls on stock, shortening delivery time by months.

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