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CDS Tanker 135

135 m

11.45 m

Max tonnage

4180 m3

This CDS Tanker 135 is a powerful and efficient addition to your fleet.

The CDS Tanker 135  has a carrying capacity of 3,650 tonnes/4,180 m3, offering more cargo space than comparable tankers.

As the design originates from the successful CDS Tanker 110 series, the vessel has minimal resistance and an optimal ‘speed-power curve’. Its two Mitsubishi S12 engines come up with 2 x 895 kW @ 1800 rpm with less fuel consumption than you would expect.

Want to know how this is possible? Call or visit us at your yard in Werkendam and we will explain how proven technology benefits your business! Trial runs are an option.

In addition, this design allows for smaller propellers; very useful when rivers are low. Indeed, it makes your transport per ton more environmentally friendly.

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CDS Tanker 135