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CDS 4115 SD River Pusher

41 x 15.50 m

3 x 1330 kW

7.5 ft

14 + 1

We always aim to comply with specific client wishes and integrate them into our proven designs, removing any obstacles customers might experience.

This River Pusher has been specifically designed for South-America, especially for the Paraguay and Paraná waterways transport needs.

Several river systems experience months of low draft conditions during the dry season. Thanks to the shallow draft design of this 41m x 15.5m river pusher, continuous operations are guaranteed.

To realise this result, our engineers thoroughly researched the Paraguayan river system characteristics in relation to the operational profile needed to sail year-round. With the CDS 4115 SD River Pusher, both research results and experiences have been incorporated to create the most efficient pusher for these conditions.

Large-scale operations

In a 12-barge configuration, the combination will measure 281 x 48 m. This allows for large-scale operations, which enhances the efficiency of your cargo transportation activities.

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