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CDS Riverbuster 1909

19 x 9.08

1500 kW



A Sustainable Pusher Tug & Workboat

Bottom line: The CDS Riverbuster 1909 has been developed to operate on inland and coastal waters, to be deployed in a variety of tasks and markets. It is compliant with the latest regulations on emissions and noise.


Your 19 x 9 m Riverbuster is up to the job you want it to do: towing, pushing, barge handling, marine construction and dredging support. In addition, this workboat is outfitted with an aft skeg enabling complete groundings. This allows for even closer dredging assistance with a stable platform.

Tailored outfitting

The CDS Riverbuster 1909 can be configured for your specific needs with project-specific equipment, such as container twist-locks, (towing, anchor handling, hydraulic tugger) winches, deck cranes, a foldable A-frame and more.

High and low

The hydraulic wheelhouse enables a viewing height of 11 metres. Still, this multipurpose pusher remains very compact, with a shallow draught of only 1.75 metres and an air draught of 4.20 metres.


From diesel-direct to full-electric (through interchangeable battery containers), you can choose power solutions ranging between 750 to 1500 kW, generating 12.5 to 25 tonnes bollard pull.