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River Cruise Vessels

Where luxury and ROI go hand in hand

CDS River Cruise 135

Your Journey Begins Here

Our team designs and builds the ships that shape your client’s experiences when sailing the world’s most enchanting rivers and lakes. Our expertise ranges from crafting tailored vessels for shipowners and tour operators to collaborating effectively with the designer of your choice.

With more than 250 global deliveries, we seamlessly blend commercial marine and luxury cruise knowledge and technology, using insights from one realm to enrich the other. Our vessels evolve dynamically, adapting to environmental shifts and new regulations, from shallow draft waters to safety and pioneering propulsion and fuel technologies.

Working in the inland waterway cruise market incorporates a focus on creating luxury experiences for travellers and a pleasant working environment for the crew.

As a cruise owner or manager, navigating the balance between a luxurious guest experience and optimal ROI is key. Concordia Damen helps you achieving this delicate balance. We provide customizable partnerships with leading luxury interior designers, but also offer our own in-house designs.

Environmental stewardship

Our commitment to sustainability is embedded in every vessel we craft. Eco-friendly ships, with low-impact materials and a traceable, circular approach, redefine sustainable sailing. Many features are retrofit-ready, extending the life of your fleet while enhancing your environmental stewardship.

Of course, you can choose from a wide range of emission-reducing and even emission-free propulsion systems.

Maritime excellence for river cruise vessels

Situated in Werkendam, Concordia Damen is a family-owned company operating within Damen Shipyards Group. Our dedicated workforce, down-to-earth management, and a local network of maritime specialists guarantee top-tier design and construction of river cruise vessels.

Being part of Damen, a global shipbuilder with 35 ship- and repair yards, offers financial stability, global reach, and unparalleled shipbuilding knowledge.

Proof: innovation
in action

Want some proof of the quality and innovations that Concordia Damen brings to your project?

Our accolades include the prestigious Dutch ‘Ship of the Year’ Award in 2019.

In addition, we lead the way with the ‘Antonie’, the world’s first hydrogen-fuelled inland waterway newbuild. Or experience the power of ‘Triton’, our exclusive remote monitoring platform for 24/7 performance enhancement.

Have a look at one of our finest River Cruise vessels, the A-Rosa Sena:



Concepting, construction, delivery, financing and maintenance; Concordia Damen is your comprehensive partner. Our proactive team offers advice and solutions. Come visit us and experience the quality and efficiency of our regional maritime ecosystem, where 42 dedicated companies serve the inland waterway cruise and shipping industries.

Now in stock! Luxury river cruise vessel with hybrid propulsion. Low draft, fast delivery.

CDS River Cruise 135