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CDS River Cruise 135

135 m

11.45 m


Pax. cabins

Now in stock!  Luxury river cruise vessel with hybrid propulsion. Low draft, fast delivery.

  • Green Award Gold Standard
  • Serious comfort: satisfied guests, happy crew 
  • Triton’ on board – Connected Vessel Platform
  • Financing options available

Luxurious and sustainable

Let your customers embark on a river cruise experience like never before with Concordia Damen’s revolutionary CDS 135 vessel.

Unmatched comfort and safety

Enjoy unrivalled comfort and safety for both guests and crew, offering a home, away from home. For guests: spacious cabins with top-quality insulation, lounges and restaurants with energy-friendly HVAC systems, customisable interiors tailored to your taste and luxury preferences.

Sustainable sailing and onboard operations

The CDS River Cruise 135 has the Green Award Gold Standard, hybrid propulsion for reduced fuel consumption and emissions. On top of that, it includes a climate-conscious design with high insulation, laser-controlled ventilation, and use of environmentally conscious materials.

Triton: Connected Vessel Platform

Maximize uptime and reduce fuel consumption with Damen Triton, the award-winning IoT solution for data-driven efficiency, remote monitoring, and predictive maintenance. With Triton’s insights it becomes easy to improve your vessel’s performance.

Reliability redefined

Our river cruises are built with a high degree of redundancy to ensure continued operations in unforeseen circumstances. You’ll sail safely, even when a thruster or engine cannot be used, because reliable cruising is key.

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