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CDS Dry Cargo 222

110 m

11.45 m


TEU 4 layers

Ship of the Year!

In 2019, the Dutch Ship of the Year award went to an innovative inland shipping vessel: the ‘Sendo Liner’. This design was truly ‘future-proof’ according to the jury. The CDS Dry Cargo 222 is efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly.

Increased capacity

The result of the close and productive collaboration between Concordia Damen and client Sendo Shipping. This container/dry bulk ship has an optimised layout that increases its loading capacity by 8% relative to similar sized vessels.

In addition, its innovative ballast system allows it to increase its air-draft when passing under bridges, while fully loaded. This in-house designed ballast system also increases its container capacity, making it a perfect ship for, amongst others, high cube containers.

40% less CO2 emissions per container

Our philosophy includes a more efficient, cleaner future of the inland waterways, that its clients sail on. This has led to several design choices. For example, its diesel-electric propulsion system is backed up with a large battery pack that can be recharged via a shore connection. Add to that the increased cargo volume and reduced hull resistance – another step forward in terms of fuel efficiency – and you’ll find that the CDS Dry Cargo 222 achieves a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions per container transported!

Modular design

The design is modular. This means that future adaptations, as well as maintenance, are easy. The ship can easily switch propulsion types, making the CDS Dry Cargo 222 low-emission leader throughout its entire lifespan.